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Medellin, Mayo de 2006 <> Fundación Universitaria Luis Amigó <> Facultad de Comunicación Social <> Octava edición
:.: Tomb :.:
Fotografía: Ana María Cadavid


:.: Gates :.:
By Ana María Cadavid Escudero

I'm in a cold and lonely tomb
Surrounded by darkness in my newfound home
I'm not alone, anymore, alone, anymore
I'm looking back at yesterday
I do remember my escape, and what I had to do
Have to do, don't you see, don't you see

Heads on the wall...I'm looking at
Heads on the wall...dead yet alive
Heads on the wall
I'm looking at heads on the wall...heads.
King Diamond

In the first minutes of being there, the shudders, the insecurity and the terror, take control of the body and your mind. In this white, excluding, mythic world, the roaches are so big that they seem to be in a mutating process, the air is as heavy as water. Memories invade the soul, and they become movie-like in which the stars differ, for each one makes their own story to be there is to allow the unknown to dazzle us, for it has long been mentioned, but never seen. In 1935 the San Pedro’s Graveyard opened its gates to the people alive and dead. It was built similar to Italian Graveyard Architecture of the eternal rest; and the richer and famous families were buried there. But, in the 80’s, when Medellin was the center of the Mafia, the San Pedro’s Graveyard welcomed new visitors that were not “good persons”. All people that were involved with drugs changed the place: the high sounds of a recording, photographs of the dead man and vulgar funerals were the normal thing of that time. Since 1999, the Graveyard has been considered a museum. It is a place where the people feel life and death come together, because just like a museum it has opened its doors to be admired during the “Full Moon Festivals”. In this event, the graveyard shows its stories. The city, during 160 years, has been able to see traces and monuments left by politicians, poets, musicians, writers, and others. That live in this place without fights nor arguments hate or evil thought, for they are already dead. Without a lot effort, one can perceive mumbling walkers who one day are to be part of the window display. Beginning the circular tour through the necropolis dressed with life. If you stay behind you can only hear some sounds made by someone who is trying to make a joke, in a place where few things can be funny. The visit is finished. People begin to go out, tired of the cold that the death have, they try to remember and to forget at the same time that they will sooner or later such cold will embrace them and become their warmth for ever.

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